“And some began to spit on Him and to cover His Face and to buffet Him and to say unto Him, ‘Prophesy!’ And, the servants did strike Him with the palms of their hands.”

Mark 14:65

When we realize what He suffered for us, it should move us to “Godly sorrow that results in repentance” (II Cor. 7:10; Rom. 2:4b).

Never has anyone experienced as much anguish of mind, agony of soul and pain of body as Jesus did the day He was crucified. There’s really no way we can even begin to imagine the depth of suffering He endured.

But, even a cursory reading of what transpired causes us to wince in pain as we reflect on it all:

And some began to spit on Him.” Even now we can see the callused men grabbing Him by the beard or hair. . .pulling His Face towards theirs. . .mocking, scowling and sneering. . .and then spitting in His Face. . .the spittle running down His forehead, nose and cheeks and gathering in His beard.

And some began to cover His Face and to buffet Him and to say unto Him, ‘Prophesy!’.” Picture, if you will, someone grabbing a piece of cloth and covering His eyes or even tying it around it around His head as a blindfold. Then, with open palms they slap the Face of this One Who’d made the blind to see, but now unable to see the blows being unleashed on Him.

Over and over again they struck Him—some even clenching their fists and forcefully striking Him on the head, chest or back. How our hearts wince in pain as we hear their blows finding their mark and hear Him groaning in pain. And, to add insult to injury, their hideous voices mocking Him, crying “Prophesy! Who hit You, Jesus? Tell us! Some prophet you are!!”

And, they laugh and laugh and laugh.

Later on He’d hear Peter’s predicted denial, the rooster’s early morning crowing and look deeply into the shame-filled disciple’s eyes as he ran out into the darkness (Lk. 22:54-62). He’d hear the crowd’s cries for murderous Barabbas’ release while screaming for His own crucifixion (Mk. 15:6-14)—some who’d just a few days before had cried “Hosanna! Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the Lord” as He entered the Holy City.

Oh how fickle the flesh and hard hearts of unbelief (Mk. 16:11, 13-14).

Yet, He endured it all for you and for me, Pilgrim. This One—the Son of God, Who left all in Heaven and came to this earth, knowing ahead of time what He would endure—still came and “paid the price to redeem us from the curse of the Law” (Gal. 3:13).

All because He loved us.

And, loves us still.

Does this not cause you to bow your head and shed tears? It should. But, just when those waves of guilt shoot over us, He quietly draws near and says “All for you, My child. All for you.” May this so move us today that we’ll cease from our sinning and commit every fiber of our being in service to Him. . .Jesus the Christ. . .our Savior and Lord.

By Tom Smith Morning Manna May 20, 2010

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