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Baptized 3 New Believers Today

Just logging in, baptized 3 new believers today. Every quarter, it is our ministry goal to conduct baptism to new believers in the Lord. We are doing this for several reasons: It allows us to focus on evangelism and discipleship. It gives us a better picture on where...

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Fishing in the Aquarium

Fishing in the aquarium is probably a saying that you already heard among the pastors. It simply means, pastors don’t go out to evangelize the lost so that they may receive Christ and have salvation. Instead, they attract and sometimes intentionally convince a...

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On Same Sex Marriage

Since "Same Sex Marriage" is a huge topic today especially here in the Philippines because of the comments made by "Pambansang Kamao" Manny Pacquiao, I went back to this very informative video about Same Sex Marriage. LGBT community is trying to unbalance the law of...

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I Decided to Vote for Manny

It has been a while before I finally decided to vote for Pacquiao. At first, I was really thinking if we needed him when he can’t even attend the seat in the congress. He is not a legislator nor a public servant on the basis of his profession. He is far from what a...

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