“Then believed they His words; they sang His praise.  They soon forgot His works; they waited not for His counsel—but lusted exceedingly in the wilderness and tempted God in the desert.  And he gave them their request, but sent leanness into their soul.”

Psalm 106:12-15

     Apart from His Grace and Mercy, none of us would have any hope (Lam. 3:21-23).

     Somehow we think we’re different from every generation that’s proceeded us.  Because of our technological advances and affluence we proudly view ourselves as more superior and sophisticated than others.
     But, the fact remains we’re just as sinful. . .just as rebellious. . .just as deserving of God’s Judgment.

     Even a cursory examination of Israel’s history in the Old Testament will show how tenderly He called them and how lovingly He provided for them.  These people, who were “nobodies,” were picked out of all the peoples of the earth to be God’s Chosen People.
     Yet, in reading Ps. 106 we realize how ungrateful and unbelieving they were.

     And, in reality, how ungrateful and unbelieving we also are.

     The anonymous author of this psalm is clearly a Jew.  His knowledge of Israel’s salvation-history is too detailed for someone not familiar with God’s gracious Hand upon them and their willful rebellion against Him.
     That’s why his beginning the heart-searching psalm with “Praise the Lord.  O give thanks unto the Lord—for He is good, for His Mercy endures forever” (v.1) is noteworthy.  Anytime we take a serious look at how sinful we are we should always preface it with how gracious God is; otherwise, we’ll end up in total despair.
     True repentance always begins with a consciousness of God’s greatness, which leads to a conviction of one’s sinfulness (vv.2-6; Is. 6:1-5).  This will then lead to an honest, specific confession of the ins-and-outs of that sinfulness, even as the writer of our Manna so clearly detailed (vv.7, 13-25, 28-29, 32-39; Is. 6:5).
     Thankfully, the Lord God is merciful and “saves us for His Name’s sake” (v.8). . .“hears our cry” (v.44). . .“remembers His Covenant Promises and multitude of mercies” (v.45). . .and “saves us from the hand of our enemies” (v.8), including ourselves (cf. Rom. 1:18-32).
     Oh, dear Pilgrim, are you going through a “leanness of soul” right now?  Have you “forgotten God, your Savior” (v.21) and all He’s done for you?  Are you discontented and grieving Him by your “murmuring, complaining and criticizing and not believing His Word” (v.25)?  Have you forgotten you’re to lead a holy life and allowed worldly influences to dilute your witness and love for Christ (vv.28-29, 34-39)?
     If so, there’s no better time than right now to repent and stop this downward cycle of sin.  The Lord is gracious (Ps. 86:15; 103:18), but do not presume on His Grace and trod it underfoot by continuing in sin.  If you truly love Jesus, prove it by loving Him with every fiber of your being.  Talk is cheap, but true love is costly (Lk. 9:23-26).

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated April 19, 2010

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