I don’t know Given Grace Cebanico personally, but when I saw it on the news what happened, I can see how evil the world is right now. And I feel so sad that a fellow sister in the Lord fell in the hands of wickedness.Given Grace Cebanico

The suspects are still young and it’s unimaginable to see these young adults committing heinous crime such as this. It’s so brutal.

Nobody likes this to happen in their lives. Nobody wants to be a victim of heartless people. But what can we do to save the younger generation in destroying themselves? The suspects are now far from good life. They are in jail, and most likely, they will spend at least the next 10 years if not the rest of their lives in jail. Given Grace on the other hand is gone. There are 3 lives involve here, not to mention the parents and relatives of Given who are deeply mourning along with the rest of the Christian community.

Brethren, we can do something about this growing problem of violence. Let us go back to what the Bible is saying to teach our children about God’s words. Deuteronomy 6:7 says, “Impress them to your children…” We should not be reluctant in teaching our children the ways of the Lord.

The world may call it O.A., some will even call it irrelevant, some may even call us stupid, but this is what happens when we ourselves depart from what God is telling us. This is what happens when we stop teaching our children the moral values. This is what happens if we ourselves tells to the church to “Back OFF” to moral and social issues of the society.

This kind of violence will never stop, it will never be minimized as long as we do not teach and impress to our children the moral standards set in the Bible.

Too bad, Given ended up like this. And we mourn for her too. But I guess, true justice can only be achieved when we as Christian community do something about the root problem. Let us save our children from this wicked world.

For the family of Given Grace, www.thedisciplers.com expresses our condolences to you. We are also mourning for Given. And may the Lord grant justice.

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