“O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness; fear before Him, all the earth.”

Psalm 96:9

     Instead of the “sound and the fury,” there’s the silent splendor of His Presence.

     Picture, if you will, that right now an angel from the Lord suddenly appears right there beside you.  You’re so startled your Bible falls out of your hands as you begin shaking uncontrollably.  Like Zecharias in the Holy Place, you’re speechless and find yourself catching your breath.
     And, just as quickly he takes you by the hand and whisks you away.  Away from the table and chair where you’ve been sitting.  Away from the sofa and bed where you’ve been meditating.
     And, suddenly you’re there. . .in the Throne Room of Heaven. . .being escorted closer and closer to the Throne.

     You’re trembling—partly out of fear and partly out of wonder.

     It’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to in your life.  So clean. . .so white, gleaming white. . .like glistening marble reflecting the sun’s rays.
     You can even hear the echo of your footsteps as you draw nearer and nearer to the Throne. 

     Suddenly, there in the distance you see it:  THE Throne.  And, just as quickly you see Him:  THE Lord.

     And, instinctively you draw back.  You shudder and whisper, “I can’t go any closer.  I’m so unworthy.  I’m so unholy.  I’m so unclean.”
     But, the angel smiles and whispers, “That’s okay.  Don’t worry.  He’s taken care of everything.”

     And, suddenly from the shadows the loveliest Man you’ve ever seen in your life appears. . . and what a radiant, winsome smile.  Piercing eyes; yet, so soft and loving.  And, in His Hands He holds a beautiful, white robe.
     He draws near and says, “Here, let’s take off your old clothes and put this robe on instead.  Yours are a bit soiled and don’t smell too good.  But, this robe is scented with the King’s favorite fragrance and is the required attire for an audience with Him.”
     So, gently, tenderly He helps you change.

     And, as He does you notice those deep scars in His Hands.  And, you realize it’s HIM.  And, you begin to weep. . .uncontrollably. . .rivers of hot tears flowing down your cheeks.  And, He puts His Arm around you and holds you more securely than you’ve ever been held in your life.  And, you feel more loved than you’ve ever felt in your life.
     Then, He smiles and whispers,

     “Okay, come with Me.  I want to introduce you to My Dad.  He’s been waiting for you.”

     And, for the first time you understand why it’s called Heaven and why they call it Grace.

     Beautiful.  Simply beautiful.

     Thank You, Jesus.

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated April 16, 2010

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