There are times that the storm in our lives is so powerful that our boat was not able to hold it that it began to sink. There are times that huge problem come into our lives that we feel the great blow of life. We start to start to lose hope, we start to doubt God. What can we do when we experience shipwrecks in life.

This lesson is based on:  Acts 27:27-44

Monitor what is happening

ShipwreckThe story tells us that the crew of the ship tries to monitor if the ship is nearing the ground. They don’t want it to hit sand bars for it can damage the ship and sink it. For navigators, it is very important that they monitor what is happening outside, inside and even below the ship.

Just like any other work and manufacturing companies, we try to monitor our operations to see to it that we are on the right track and that we can hit the target production. It is the same thing with problems. If they come, we let them pass, but we need to monitor our surroundings. We need to know what is happening around while it starts to damage things so that we can salvage those that can be salvaged.

Eat and strengthen yourself

In our story, the people in the boat after Paul’s encouragement ate and strengthened themselves. Again, do not let the storm destroy the inner you. As long as you live there is hope. It is very important that you strengthen yourselves and keep yourself fit.

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There are some people who simply quit life in the midst of the storm. They stop eating, for them everything is lost. But this is not true. There is always hope. Do not let your emotions overcome your strength. It is true that emotions are powerful enough to discourage you, but do not quit. Quitters never win. Move on, eat and strengthen yourself.

Do not let yourself grow weary in the midst of the storm. Your biggest asset is your life and considers it that it’s all you have to survive so make sure that you do not lose it in the midst of the storm.

Look for the nearest shore and swim

Before your boat started to sink, you also need to start looking for the nearest shore. This is very important because in case that your boat will not make it, at least you can still swim towards the shore. You may lose everything you have on the ship, but safe shores can save your life.

In real life, there are also safe shores. We can see it while we are sailing in this life. We know that when we make it to the shore, we are safe. Sometimes it is still quite far to swim and reaching the shore might be difficult, but once you get to the shore you know that you are safe.

In our lives, it is the same thing. There are safe shores during shipwrecks in our lives. When we can no longer hold the boat together and the storm seems like crushing it into pieces, you can jump off the boat and start swimming to shore for safety. It won’t be too pleasing

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