Forever and a Day by Hillsong (with chords and lyrics) is about praising the Name of our Lord forver and living for Him to eternity.

Forever and a Day by Hillsong is from the “For All You’ve Done” album.

Forever Reign – is about running in his arms for his love is always enough for us and nothing can be compared to it.

To The Ends of The Earth – is a worship song that tells the people to believe in him and He is the only Son of God.

Breathe On Me – is about telling our God to breathe on us. Teaching our heart and healing our soul for Him.

Forever and a Day

by Hillsong

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A/C# C D Em A/C# C D Em 

Verse 1:
Em         A/C#       C                   D  Em
Glorious - ly,  You saved me, You saved me
                A/C#      C             Am7 Em
So Miraculous - ly,  You made me, brand new
             A/C#             C                 D  Em
You welcomed me,  With open arms, with open arms
            A/C#        C        Am7
Unfailing - ly,  Your love is, a river 

C D     Em    B/D# D A/C#   C
I will praise You, I will praise You 

       G         Am    G/B     C    Em  D/F# C
I'll praise Your Name forever and a day
         Am       G/B      C        D     Am G/B C D
And I'll live for You in - to e – terni - ty
       G         Am    G/B     C    Em  B/D# D A/C#
I'll praise Your Name forever and a day
           C           D          Em
And I'll live what I sing, what I say,
           D/F#          Am  G/B C D
What I am learning every day  

Verse 2:
Generously, You gave me, You gave me,
Marvelously, You made me, You made me
Relentlessly, I follow, I follow,
Your Majesty, Breathtaking, so beautiful

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966498: Faith + Hope + Love, DVD Faith + Hope + Love, DVDBy Hillsong / Emi Cmg Distribution 

Recorded live in March 2009, over 3 weekends and locations, the people of Hillsong Church gathered across Sydney, Australia – in their respective campuses – and then united together as one in celebration of an ever good and gracious God. Led by the Hillsong worship team including Hillsong United, Darlene Zschech & Reuben Morgan, this album features 13 songs of faith in the midst of personal circumstances, hope in Jesus for the future, and love – one for another.

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