“But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:19

His is limitless and always given at just the right moment.

“His riches in glory.”

That’s the way the Apostle Paul described the Father’s Heavenly Supply.   And, he further stated that Christ Jesus Himself is the One Who distributes them to us.  Why, then, should we ever allow ourselves to feel abandoned like some homeless orphan—especially when He’s promised to never leave us in that condition (Ps. 37:25; Jn. 14:18)?

The key to all of this is “my God.”

Until the God of the universe is “my God” He’s always someone else’s God.  We watch Him taking care of other folks and inwardly wonder why we’re suffering so.  But, such inward resentment and envy should remind us of our hostile mind toward Him (Rom. 8:7), causing us to “cast down those imaginations and every lofty thing that obscures His Face by bringing every thought under His Lordship” (II Cor. 10:5).

If we’re more valuable than drab-colored, motley, lice-ridden sparrows (Mt. 10:29-31). . . and He gives them their daily supply of worms. . .surely He will “supply all of our need from His riches in glory.”  But, take note of the word “need” used here; it’s not “greed.”  Too often we confuse the two and then wonder why our requests are unfilled as we use His material blessings to supply our carnal lusts (James 4:3).  And, also notice that it’s in the singular, not the plural.  To our Supplier, all needs are the same—for they ultimately come back to our need of Him.

From the earliest days of his ministry, George Muller refused to rely upon others to meet his temporal needs.  When a need arose—whether financial, food, clothing, etc.—he “let his requests be made known unto God with thanksgiving” (Phil. 4:6).  And, without exception, that particular need was met by our Lord in his hour of need.  That way none of the credit could go to anyone other than the Heavenly Father.

Cannot the same happen with us, dear Pilgrim?

Assuredly it can.

Perhaps we’d do well to conduct a 30-day Holy Experiment of trust wherein we refused to borrow any money. . .use a credit card. . .or ask another person for help.  This would definitely reveal the depth of our faith/trust—especially if the Heavenly Father saw fit to give us a “fiery furnace trial” (I Pet. 1:6-7) during that time.

But, wouldn’t it be wonderful to never again become panicky when the money’s run out before the month has or when the cupboard’s bare and there are no resources available to us from which to draw?  May the Holy Spirit help us to truly believe with all of our hearts that “my God shall supply all of my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  Then watch Him work.

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated September 9, 2009

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