It’s time to show my final list of senators for 2013 electiosn. I only picked up 4 senatorial candidates and I will only vote for them.  I do not have a plan to complete the 12 slots because:

  • I want these four to have the full benefit of getting ahead of others. If I will vote for others, these four will get lower chances of getting a place. So I also encourage you to do the same.
  • I believe these four passed my qualifications; godly, anti-political dynasty (which I really hate) and are not traditional politicians.
  • I strongly believe their platforms though most of them are not that popular like the others.

My Senators for 2013 electionsHere are some of their bios. Note: The information below where taken from Wikipedia and I take no credit for it.

Eddie Villanueva

Villanueva was ordained Minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in 1979 by the California-based Victory in Christ Church and International Ministries. He has also been conferred the office of Episcopacy by the Sectarian Body of Christ in the Philippines in April 1996. Two months later, Villanueva received the Gintong Ama (Golden Father) award for Socio-Civic/Religious Sector from the Golden Mother and Father Foundation in June 1996.

In February 2001, Brother Eddie received the EDSA People Power Freedom Award for ZOE TV 11 for its fair coverage of the People Power II movement. He founded and owns ZOE Broadcasting Network Inc. and operates Channel 11 on Filipino television. Bro. Eddie hosts three ZOE programs, Diyos at Bayan, PJM (Philippines for Jesus Movement) Forum and Jesus The Healer.

Edward Hagedorn

When Hagedorn was elected as Mayor of Puerto Princesa City in 1992, he also served as an Assemblyman of the Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development (SPCD), a body created during the term of President Corazon C. Aquino which was tasked to oversee the establishment of an autonomous region for Muslims in Mindanao and it included Palawan island.

He also served simultaneously as mayor and as a Representative of the League of Cities of the Philippines for Region IV and member of National Executive Board of Boy Scout of the Philippines.

Under his leadership, Puerto Princesa was transformed into one of the more famous eco-tourism destinations in the Philippines. The city is also a global model for environment protection, elevating the city into the Hall of Fame as the Philippines “cleanest and greenest” component city and winning several global recognition and awards in the process.

Greco Belgica

Bélgica serves as a pastor of the Lord’s Vineyard Church, and is currently President of the Yeshua Change Agents, a non-government organisation involved in anti-drug campaigns and advocating reconstruction of society to its Biblical calling.

He previously served as Councilor of the Sixth District of the City of Manila from 2004 to 2007 and Chairman of the Committee on Police, Fire and Public Safety and the Committee on Economic Development.

Ricardo Penson

He advocates for an end to political dynasties in the Philippines and believes that family members should be prohibited from running for public office regardless of the place or position. In November 2012, he launched the Krusada Kontra Dynasty movement in order to further campaign for this advocacy. If elected as senator, he vows to pass a bill prohibiting political dynasties and that he would resign if it fails to become a law.

I know some senatoriables can also be a good choice. However, some of them tolerate or does not believe in the word “delikadesa” on political dynasty. This is why Philippines is only ruled by several families, and progress has been very slow due to wide open doors for corruptions.

Let’s change the course of our political destiny. Vote wisely.


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