Lesson 3: Four Sources of Authority

Teach them how to worship in a small group. Let them lead in the different parts of worship. [Again, if they haven’t obeyed the accountability from the previous lesson, repeat last week’s lesson instead of going on with the next lesson!!!.]

The items for accountability are:

Did you memorize the verse for this week?
Did you write your “Oikos” list?  Show your list of their names.
Did you read your Bible at least 5 min/day?
Did you share the Hand Presentation with at least 5 people?
Did you share the last teaching/lesson with 3 people?
Did you prepare your personal testimony?  Show your written copy or share it at the meeting.
Spiritual Emphasis: The Bible is the only reliable guide.

Story –

There are many things that people have or use as the authority for their life.  Primarily, we can see 4 possibilities:  Tradition, Experience, Logic or Reason, and Scripture.  Only one of these is truly reliable as a guide for our faith and life: Scriptures.  Let’s look at the unreliable ones first.

– Read Mark 7:8-13.  Even though traditions may be started for some very good reasons, through the years they can change until they are no longer good, but even opposed to God’s word.

Experience – Jer. 28:9 and Duet. 13:1-10.  Before God’s word was written, people had no way to know what was right or wrong and they had nothing to guide their life.  Kings or mighty men ruled because they were stronger.  And then there arose people who claimed to have a special revelation.  They had a dream or they saw an angel, or they saw some special sign.  Was it true or not?  God told the Israelites that if a prophet gave a prophecy and it didn’t come true, then he was not a true prophet.  But God also told the Israelites that even if a prophet gave a prophecy and it came true, if he then enticed the people to go and worship other gods, he was not a true prophet and was to be killed by stoning!  There was a standard by which to compare his revelation or new experience.  God’s revealed Word.  And so it is for us today.  God can and still does speak to people through dreams, visions and personal experiences.  But He has given us a standard to compare them all  –  His word.  If it does not line up with what the Bible says, it is not true.

Read Jeremiah 17:9.   Furthermore, the Bible says “…the heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? This means, “Who can TRUST it? “  Your own experiences are not enough to be the final authority for your life.

Logic/Reason – 1 Cor. 1:20-29, 2: 14.   Another thing that people sometimes trust as the authority for their life is logic or reason.  They won’t believe something unless they can understand it and figure it out.    But man cannot reach God through his wisdom and understanding.  He is too high for us.  In Isaiah 55:9 it says, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my thoughts than your thoughts.”

The only reliable and sure guide or authority for our life is: Scripture.  Read 2 Tim. 3:16-17.  First of all it says, “All Scripture…” Secondly it says it is inspired and profitable. Then look at what it’s good for: teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness.

7.    Now read Heb. 4:12.  God’s word is powerful. It gets inside a person.  God uses it to convict a person of their sin.  How far does the Word reach?  (It reaches even to the dividing of the soul and spirit and judges the thoughts and intentions of the heart.)

Do you understand this lesson?  Are there any questions?

Have them practice the lesson, then…

Verse to Memorize: “All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for teaching, for correction, for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.”  2 Tim. 3:16-17

How To Obey
:  Make sure everyone has a schedule or plan for reading God’s word everyday.  Repeat the T4T method and make sure they realize they need to be obeying whatever they hear God tell them to do.  To help get people started reading the Bible every day, read 1 chapter of Proverbs everyday corresponding to the day of the month, chapter one on the 1st, chapter two on the 2nd, and so on.  After the habit of reading everyday is built in to their lives, they can change to another pattern and read through the whole Bible, reading only 3 chapters a day.  And as they read God’s word, they should listen for Him to speak to them.  They can write down any special insights He shows them.

Regular Assignment:

Read your Bible at least 5 min/day.
Listen for God to speak to you during your QT.  Write any special insights He shows you and especially write how you obeyed this insight.
Share the Hand Presentation 3 x with people this week.  List their names.
Share this lesson 5 x with different people this week.  List the names of the ones you share with.

Prayer – Pray for needs in group and ask for God to confirm His message in their lives through Spirit’s witness.

(If they need help in getting started reading regularly, lead them to promise God to read AT LEAST 5 MINUTES/DAY.  This is a promise and so is serious.  But it is also very easy to do…and to make up if a day is missed.)


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